Control your income and expenses

Control your income and expenses



Cash flow management is a very important part of day to day living. Whether you are a business owner or managing your

own household or indiviudal expenses, having good money behaviours is paramount when it comes to applying for finance &

purchasing property...



Today, lenders have strict guidelines around savings patterns and cash flow management. Missed loan repayments, overdrawn

accounts & nominal savings is frowned upon. It is important that you know where your money is going.... At the very least, if you

already have a loan, then you need to make the minimum monthy repayments, or for new purchasers, have a separate high interest

savings account and be disciplined to deposit a set amont each month, without withdrawing any funds.


We strongly recommend you complete your own Personal Budget Tracker. This will highlight your cashflow needs, identify areas for improvement

and assist with understanding your true loan affordability.

If you need assistance with you cash flow management, you may want to benefit from our "Pre Purchase - Get U Ready" program, teaching you strategic money

management skills, cash flow planning, savings accountability and purchase options relating to your own individual affordability.  If you already have a property however feel

like you are out of control then our "Improve UR Bottom Line" program is exactly what you need!



If you would like to know if you qualify for either one of our Money Management programs then contact us today!