Increase your wealth by property acquisition

Increase your wealth through Property Acquistion


At Jo Attard & Co we know the importance of good sound property investment strategies.


In order for us to develop your investment strategy, we first need to understand your goals and expections.

We discover your attitude towards risk and from this we then create a plan to on how to structure your investments. 

We consider a balance strategy with diversification across the portfolio.

We look at various types of property strategy however, the consideration is over the longer term.

We highlight issues of location, affordability, opportunities for capital growth & financing requirements and structures.

We undertake financial calculations including rate of return, cash flows and taxation projections.

We work closely with your accountant or can refer you to our Accounting partners.



If you would like to know more about your property investment potential, please contact us or call 03 8060 4750 today!