Understand your loan options

Understand your loan options


With the power of the internet & media it is easy to see who has the cheapest interest rate, however your loan consists

of so much more than just interest rate... and with your home loan being one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make,

is it worth leaving it up to a computer to choose the right loan for you???


What are the entry & ongoing costs; does lenders mortgage insurance apply? what about a fixed rate, but how long

should I fix it for? or should I split my loan and if so, how much should I split....

Should I go with an interest only or principal & interest loan?

Do I need a line of credit? What about paying interest in advance?

What are my exit costs? Maybe I'm just on the wrong product with my current lender.... it's been a while since I had a

review, but what product is right for me?

Do they really need all my properties as security? The properties are "stand alone" security but they have an "all -money's" mortgage....


At Jo Attard & Co we ask you the hard questions, we get into your head and understand your goals and what is important to you.  

We make sure your loan is structured for you and only you!  We ensure your assets are protected and spread your risk appropriately whilst also maintaining the strongest

serviceabilty options. We have a panel of over 20 lenders that we drill down to the best one for your situation.  With over 20 years in finance, we only submit your loan when

we know it will be approved, whether it is your first loan, a refinance or a restructure.

We liaise with the lender throughout the process, keeping you updated and hassle free to carry on with your life!

We create a system of ongoing review and accountability, more importantly we make sure you are clear and have direction in your finances.

We dont do transactions, we nuture relationships.



We are passionate about good finance structures, so much so that our initial consultation takes approximatley 2 hours. Prior to a consultation, you need to

complete our Potential Client Checklist, we will then contact you to arrange a meeting time via phone, skpye or at our office.

We also run New Home Buyers & Property Investors Workshops. If you would like more information about these please contact us or all 03 8060 4750.