Here are just a few of our recent testimonials.... 


Joanne Attard and Annie Papagrigoriou were absolute saviours in our first step to buying our first home. With little idea where to start, Jo answered all of our (very basic) questions with great enthusiasm and infinite patience. She carefully laid out all of our options and guided us through outlining the end results and how this would effect our short and long term objectives.

Jo tirelessly spent hours with us searching for exactly the right home loan option to suit our needs AND tailoring it to meet our cashflow whilst keeping it ahead of current market trends. 

Thanks Jo and Annie, we are very happy to have established a long-term relationship with such hard-working and genuine ladies!  

Vincent & Annette.



Joanne, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.  It’s been a very empowering experience...."

Kind Regards

Linda Bradbury-Flint



Jo Attard saved us nearly $40 000 on the purchase of our house. We were preparing to offer a significant sum more to secure the house

ahead of auction, but Jo counselled us to wait and let her handle the auction.

Boy we are glad!

She strode in and took control of the auction on a rainy Saturday. Once inside the house, she bargained hard and got us a price much

lower than we had hoped for. She also helped immendsely in the year-long search for a house, advising of likely values and giving well-

reasoned advice.

Thanks Jo!

Names withheld




Dear Joanne & Annie,

Just a quick note to say Thank you to you both.

We really appreciate all your advice , expertise, hard work and effort that you have done to help us sort out our finances.

Once again you both made a complicated process a much easier & painless experience.

Thank you so much.


Rachel & Andy Morris



Jo Attard & Co came highly recommended to me from a very reliable source... my parents!

I couldn't be happier with the service I have received from Jo along with her exceptional team.

Nothing is too much trouble and all of my questions are answered in laymen's terms!

I can't speak highly enough of Jo Attard & Co and have no reservations about putting all of my business in their capbale hands.

Ashlea Elias



“My girlfriend and I came and saw Jo and her team in the middle of last year with only one real idea in mind and that was to buy a house.

For me this was by far the most important purchase of my life and also potentially one of the most stressful.

From the outset Jo took the time to understand our lifestyle and what was important to us. It was all about ‘affordability’ and not about maximum borrowing potential.

Throughout our 6 month journey to purchase a property, there was a never a time when we felt we weren’t able to contact Jo and her team. The advice we received has not

only help purchase our first property, but we now also have a financial strategy moving forward with realistic goals set in place.

We could not recommend Jo and her team highly enough and thank them for helping us from the beginning right until the end”. 

Simon Wheller



I met Jo in 2005 when I was embarking upon my first property purchase and the loan that went with it.

Jo assisted in finding the right loan product and assured me it was going to be ok. She made sure I only borrowed what I could afford to, that my repayments were

structured effectively and avoided fees where possible. There were no hidden surprises with Jo and the team. All lenders and their various products and options were laid

out and the decision was largely mine with advice from Jo. The beauty of their service is they do not try to 'sell' a particular lender, but instead show you a smorgasboard

and then recommend the most appropriate for you and your individual circumstances. Above all Jo is very reassuring and supportive through what can be quite a daunting


I've since been back to Jo simply to check in and make sure things are still going ok and then to also borrow again for renovations. All along the journey of my home - I'm

not one of her 'portfolio' clients - Jo has been truly 'in touch' with me as a person and with what the market is doing in order to provide the right advice for my individual


Would recommend Jo and the team without a second thought.

Hayley Sloan 



I have been a client of Jo’s for the last 8 years, in that time I have had pre-approval many times and only just recently purchased my first property.

In all that time Jo never gave up on me and was always patient with my questions and happy to go over the numbers time and time again.

Jo’s faith in my ability to afford a property on my own gave me the courage to go out and do it and I always knew she had my best interests at heart and wouldn’t let me

over extend myself.

Jo Attard and Co take their jobs very seriously and they care about their clients and going to their office often feels like catching up with old friends rather than just talking


I wouldn’t have purchased my property if it wasn’t for Jo and her great team. GO GIRLS!!!!

On a personal note:

Thanks Jo for helping me in my first steps to financial freedom, I really couldn’t have done this without you and I appreciate you going though the numbers until I go them

into my thick head. I will be back, this property thing is addictive.


Kel Rudd




Jo Attard & Co are lifesavers. Joanne and her staff have supported and guided my partner and 1 from the very beginning & without their help

we would not be where we are today. 

They have helped us arrange all of our finances, which has enabled us to purchase aour very own home much sooner than we anticipated.

All of the staff at Jo Attard & Co are very prompt wiht their responses and are always a phone call or email away if we ever need their help.

I would highly recommend that everyone pay Jo & her team a visit before making any financial decisions.

Lea Thiele & Brendon O'Rourke


Thanks so much for all your help thorughout this porcess. You have been amazing and I will certainly be recommending you

in the future....

Exciting times ahead.

Siobhan Condon