We have hand-picked our top calculators to educate, inspire and guide you through your property + finance journey…

(oh and not to forget: show you how to save lots of cash along the way too)



We luurve getting involved at the planning stage…  it enables us to guide and hold your hand through this scary, exciting, and anxiety driven time in your life..

So, here are some calculators to help you along the way…


  1. Budget Planner

  2. How long will it take me to save for my deposit?

  3. How much do I need to deposit to reach my goal?

  4. How long to pay out my credit card?

  5. How much will it cost me to sell my property?

  6. Rent VS Buy



Hey, - we especially love the Budget Planner – this will also help you with your finance application as all lenders want to see a detailed plan of your monthly cost of living..   and if you want a deeper discussion about renting versus buying or understanding your savings requirements better, just connect with us here… we'd love to hear from you.. 




That’s why we have delivered to you the calculator to show you all the government charges that apply depending on the state you purchase in.. 

We also give you a guide on other purchase costs outside of the government charges and for those who qualify for some first home buyer concessions, we have the direct link to the government websites that show you what additional grants may be available!


We also suggest you check out our WORD page, which explains the different interest rate types as well as repayment options.. for much more detail – our First Home Buyers online course is the way to go!


  1. What are the government charges when buying my home? 

  2. What are my property buying costs? 

  3. What is my Borrowing Power? 

  4. What are my repayments?

  5. Which loan is better? 

  6. What if I choose to split my loan? 


The team were a little concerned about including the “Borrowing Power” calculator …  we really want to make sure you understand this is a VERY GENERAL guide only..  To really understand your borrowing power it is imperative you speak with a well-trained, professionally qualified expert (us, of course!)





Well, we’re glad you asked!


Whilst we love property, we are passionate about money and good cashflow management!  


In fact we dedicate a whole chapter on this in our First Home Buyers online course(when you hover over this, it links to M – school).. Here we have some awesome calculators that will show you (with a little tweaking) how you can save and put money back into your own pocket rather than increasing the banks’ profits.. we call this smarter money!


  1. Offset benefit  

  2. Savings on Extra repayments made

  3. Benefit of fortnightly or weekly repayments

  4. How long to repay

  5. Lump sum repayment advantages

  6. What happens after my Interest Only repayments ends? 




Well, we get asked this all the time; and there is no quick answer! 


The best loan should not be just about interest rates;  what are your objectives?, goals?, how do you manage your money?, what money requirements do you have today and in the future?, what’s your cash flow management strategy?, is the lenders’ ethical stance important?, when are you planning on selling/upgrading/ investing… and what are the fees to get out of your loan as well as the fees to enter the new mortgage… 


There could be break costs, discharge fees, legal fees, early termination fees and hidden entry fees not so clear on their website until you read the fine print..   these all need to be taken into consideration before determining whether switching lenders and refinancing is really going to save you Moula!


  1. Mortgage Switching Calculator

  2. Lease Calculator



Ok... so the Lease Calculator has nothing to do with switching your loan & saving but we thought the Mortgage Switching Calculator was lonely being the only calculator in this section!

Again.. Any Questions? Talk To Us

Purchasing Costs + Borrowing Power

So we all know when buying a property, its costs you more than just the purchase price!  

Debt Reducing + Smarter Money

What is smarter money you ask?  

Switching + Savings

With so much coming at you from social media, television and even just talking with friends at a weekend BBQ…  we often find ourselves asking “do I have the best loan?”

Planning + Prep

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail!

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood"

— Marie Curie,

First woman to win a nobel peace prize

"I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back and pretend"

----- Helen Reddy, 

Iconic Australian Musician