the power of purpose

why we give back

A fast-growing boutique mortgage broking business based in Sydney, Classic Finance has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2003. But for founder Nancy Youssef, it is much more than a brokerage.

Classic Finance is a business with a heart and purpose, anchored to a central philosophy that puts ‘service to others’ in the front seat. This means that whilst Nancy and her team are committed to delivering A-list service and results to their clients, they are also committed to making a difference to communities around the world in partnership with the Human Kind Project.


Enabling the poorest of the poor to create and grow small businesses so they can build a financially sustainable future.

The poorest communities in Africa are not the problem. They are not victims. They are not desperate people in need of a hand out. They are a vibrant community with the potential to end their own hunger and poverty.

These people can be the agents of change and we can support the change process and create space for innovation.

supporting a community

Human Kind Project works with some of the best not for profit organisations in the world. We support and fund projects that transform lives and communities.

We started by aligning our brand to a greater purpose, beyond our product and our profit and we now help other businesses do the same.

At Human Kind Project we have a big mission.

We are committed to making the world a better place – in our generation.

We believe in Business for Good. We believe in People for Purpose. We believe in speaking the truth. We are human. We are kind. We are you.


The Human Kind Project started in 2015 and this has allowed me to inspire and equip other leaders to step into a leadership role in their life and business that can be filled with purpose and passion. This allows me to continue to expand and create a change in the world.

That is my desire.