Helping children and teenagers start their journey to better financial security.

The Global Money Week Initiative (GMW), a money awareness celebration run throughout the year, teaches children and youth about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment and an entrepreneurial spirit through fun and interactive activities.

Sessions focus on developing conversations that improve children’s and families' understanding about basic financial literacy including debt, credit, affordability and security.

Finance brokers (who are ideally positioned to administer this program due to their financial literacy and competencies) deliver interactive and educational age-group-specific presentations to parents, children and school/community groups at schools and sports clubs around Australia.

Every year, entire communities participate in GMW to take action to create awareness, challenge out-of-date financial policies and give young people the tools and inspiration they need to shape their own future.

A global initiative

GMW, a global initiative, has gone through a series of rigorous compliance checks. There is no mention or selling of products, the focus of sessions is on educating youth about basic financial literacy concepts..

The MFAA driving GMW in Australia

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia takes the national lead running GMW in Australia, and encourages the industry's most educated finance brokers – our members – to get involved. The MFAA also equips and trains finance brokers to deliver engaging presentation sessions.

Depending on the audience age group, the free presentations run from approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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